How To Remove A Stuck Screw?

Removing a stuck screw from any surface can always create an annoyance in our mind. However, there are many ways to get away from this situation, and this short write offers the reader few tips on how to loosen a screw that gets stuck in a place. With these tips, you are sure to extract the stuck screw to become loose like a pro. In general, such situation occurs when these screws are affected by rust and corrosion which accumulates around the body preventing the screw to move. Hence as a first and foremost step, it is necessary to remove the corrosion or rust so that the screw is free from such a fix. More than anything, one should have the patience to do these extraction methods one by one, so that you are sure to taste the success in any of these methods that are stated below.

Methods to remove the frozen screw

Use a small screwdriver: Use a small sized screwdriver and use more force to remove the screws. Changing of the tools may get you the best results provides the screw has some other obstructions like rust or got itself corroded around its body.
Try a power drill: This is a sure method of removing a stuck screw. Use the right drill and make a hole in the head of the screw and then remove it easily. But care has to be taken while applying the right force so that other areas should not get damaged by using the power drill.
Apply chemicals: This is a good method to remove the screws that are affected by rust. Apply some anti-corrosive solution that dissolves the rust and then use the normal screwdriver to remove the screw. But one has to give few minutes of time for the rust to get dissolved.